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The Street Rat

Darth Side of the Moon - V3

Darth Side of the Moon - V3

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The "Darth Side of the Moon" enamel pin combines the iconic imagery of Darth Vader with Pink Floyd's album cover art, creating a striking and unique piece of merchandise. Featuring Darth Vader's menacing silhouette combined with the infamous prism and rainbow, this pin is a must-have for fans of Pink Floyd and Star Wars. With its clever play on words and eye-catching design, the "Darth Side of the Moon" enamel pin is sure to be a conversation starter for any collector. When Pink Floyd blasts into hyperspace and is joined by Darth Vader, it becomes "Darth Side of the Moon"

V3 - Anodized Rainbow Metal with Glitter Rainbow
By: Street Rat x Noman
1.75” with 2 pin posts on the back.

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