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The Street Rat

Ganja Ghouls

Ganja Ghouls

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"Ganja Ghouls"

Choose your favorite character or get the whole set!!
Each pin is 1.5” with 2 pin posts on the back.

When I was a young kid I created these characters from my love for Halloween and Classic Horror Characters. I rediscovered my drawings about a year ago when I was going through some old sketchbooks. I added a new twist to them and I hope you enjoy my new 4 pin series! One will be released each day this week, with a full set option releasing on Friday! Happy Hallo-WEED!

Series 1 - “The Ganja Ghouls”

#1/4 - ‘Franken-DABS’

Frankenstein has always been my favorite classic horror character so of course, ‘Franken-Dabs’ is what sparked the entire series. I collect all types of Frankenstien pins, and I wanted to add one of my own to my collection.With his Puffco in one hand, and a glob in the other, Franken-DABS is ready to burn down the town!

#2/4 - ‘DAB-ula’

Creeping up on you in the middle of the night comes ‘DAB-ula!’ He has everything you need under his cape, & his sidekick bat to hold the torch! This vampire is not after your blood, but he is after your stash!

#3/4 - ‘Mummy-juana’

It’s been a long time since the ‘Mummy-juana’ got to light one up, but he still has to be careful. His robes are made from rolling papers! He brought his own buds and is passing this J on to you!

#4/4 - ‘Weed-Wolf’

Like when you drop your stash on the carpet, and the dog hair gets all mixed in. The ‘Weed-Wolf’ is so hairy he has trouble not getting his stuff stuck in his fur too! He doesn’t mind a little fur in his pack, if you can handle it, so burn a bong with ‘Weed-Wolf’

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